Not Dead Yet

It has been more than a month post since my last post. But, like a certain old man, Jaunty Dame is not dead yet:

That clip reminds me— we’ve never discussed the time I introduced myself to a guy because he looked so much like Eric Idle, one of my earliest loves, and because he wore patterned trouser socks with his Converse sneakers, which I found unspeakably cool. As a teenager, I also named my (110% imaginary and self-important) record company Idle Records, in joint honor of Eric Idle and my bone idleness.

See, so much to discuss! The blog can’t be dead yet.

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  1. Not dead yet!


  2. I’d buy any releases off of Idle Records.


  3. Glad you’re not dead yet. Pinky, my handed down semi functional laptop with pink where the white parts of the pages should be is glad we have not missed a ton o’ good bloggin while I’ve been pathetically offline. <3 you!


  4. It’d take a lot more than a month of radio silence for me to stop tuning in. Take your time, Miz Jaunty, and send us dispatches as you’re able. :)


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