Seeking these children’s books— please help!


(Multiply these books by, say, a thousand, and you see our problem. Image source.)


My big sister sent me the following request, and gave me permission to share it here:

Hi Beck!
Got another memory challenge for ya – this one was a book illustrated in a faux-medieval style, and I think it was about two ladies who lived near one another – one was good one was bad. I think the good one had a hen and the bad one stole it, and in the end the bad one got turned into a hen that looked like her.

There was also one where a crocodile went into a store and saw shoes and handbags made of her relatives, and ate the shopkeeper.

Do you remember either of these, and/or their titles?


Readers, I got nothin’. No memory of these books whatsoever. All I can add is that they were almost certainly published before… 1993, or 1994. After that, the kids in my family would be reading ‘big kid’ books AND be old enough to recall a title or other identifying details.

Do you remember either of these books? If yes, comment below! If no, please share this post with someone who might be able to help.

Thank you.

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  1. This is totally something I think you can probably find in Novelist. That’s a library database where you can search for books based on themes, summary,etc. Might give it a try we I get home from the gym. My librarian senses are tingling.


  2. Well rats! I remember both books, but not the titles or authors. Will try to rack aged brain further….


  3. Crocodile, Crocodile by Peter Nickl, Binette Schroeder (illus) is the second one. A marvelous book!

    No idea on the first.


  4. Chelsie - Ooooooh, will you please use your librarian superpowers for the good of my nieces? Also, I am in no position to beg for blog posts, but are you considering starting a new blog someday? Your projects were soooo cool!

    Leslie – You’re way ahead of me— at least you remember the books!

    Bekka – AAAAAHHHHHHH! Thank you thank you thank you!


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