Nyanko Cafe(I used this stationery for years, and it never stopped killing me with cuteness. The cocoa, the melty butter kitty! THE CUSTARD!)


I do not wear clothing featuring cartoon characters. I do not buy action figures, nor collectible figurines, nor toys of any kind. No matter how much I admire a show/band/artist/character, I do not wear their merch.  I’m not likely to want anything cutesy, darling, twee, precious, or “totes adorbs.”  Does this make me elegant, or unbearably stodgy? You decide.

Either way, there is one great big chink in my somber armor: Nyan Nyan Nyanko.

Not to be confused with the Nyan Cat meme,  Nyan Nyan Nyanko are cutesy, darling, twee, precious, totes adorbs illustrated kitten characters who dress up as household items, chiefly food. They were created and licensed by San-X, a Japanese company also responsible for such mystifying creatures as Tissuesan (a box of tissue) and Kogepan (an animated piece of heartbreaking, depressed, burnt bread). San-X must be a fascinating place to work.


For reasons I cannot explain, I ONLY like the Nyanko cafe line, which ended more than a decade ago. Every year or two, I scour Ebay for Nyanko cafe goods and rue the day(s) I purged mine. Damn stuff-purging. Why did I EVER get rid of this pin??!


If you are at all susceptible to this sort of thing, you can find plenty of Nyan Nyan Nyanko imagery through Google Images… and kiss the next hour goodbye.





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  1. Yes, they are totes adorbs.


  2. It occurs to me that this is a very low calorie way to enjoy food.


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