Wedding Photos! No, I mean MY wedding this time!

So! Married now!

Perhaps you’d like to see photographic evidence?


You can see a whole passel (yes, an entire passel!) of our wedding photos over at the Life Long Studios blog. Leave a comment there, or here, or both— because Jaunty Dame has been stagnant far too long, people. It’s time to get this [introverted, blessedly obscure] party started!




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  1. Uncle Doug says:

    Good heavens! We can’t have a stagnant blog. So non de rigeur.

    The 3-part collage (number 17 of 22) is my favorite. Stunning! Rebekah looks like Audrey Hepburn. :)


  2. Well, congratulations! I had assumed, wrongly, I now realize, that you WERE married. Beautiful photos and your eyes in that one photo are just so very blue.




  4. Congratulations! Such beautiful photos. You are a delightfully cute couple.


  5. I’m so delighted–good for you two! An anti-pox on both your houses.


  6. You look gorgeous! And THAT DRESS- amazing!!!!


  7. I am not surprised because you always look beautiful but you look especially beautiful in these pictures! I love every detail – hair, dress, shoes, scorpion (?), everything!

    Also, on a less superficial note, congrats to you both! Best wishes for an amazing new chapter together!


  8. Ladies (and Uncle Doug) – You are far, far too kind. Thank you. Drinks are on me.


  9. Hooray for the happy couple!

    Amy clips little moments out of time, she makes magic happen.


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