The Undie Tuck

Funny, I don’t recall Sal ever mentioning this particular method of keeping one’s camisole tucked in…


But it works remarkably well.

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  1. haha! I need to try that!


  2. Oh yeah, my mum taught me that trick when I was in grade school. It was button ups then not camisoles, but I still use the trick today.


  3. Rapunzel (aka Mom) says:

    Everyone does this don’t they? Ok not everyone, but I do and so does Ambrose, the Guarda in Ballykissangel.


  4. Cheryl Breuer says:

    Yep! I’m a long-time undie-tucker. Works like a charm!


  5. Holy cabooses, Cornelius! I had no idea my undies were in such good company. Expanding my definition of ‘polite conversation’ has proven highly educational.


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