Dream Car

My dream car is a dune buggy. Why? Because under my mild-mannered, Walter Mitty exterior beats the heart of a… … a silly, impractical person.

The first dune buggy I ever saw was in the Monkees movie Head, which is spectacularly bad. (My family must have watched it a dozen times. Story for another day.) Sources say the Monkees had a Jeffries Kyote dune buggy, and I’d rather accept that than do classic car research myself. Are buggies be considered ‘classic’ or just old? I don’t know the rules. Let’s move on.

(Image source)

Thinking it over, a dune buggy would only be mostly ridiculous for me; I live in the desert, so rain wouldn’t be a major concern. I don’t have much stuff, so it couldn’t be stolen from my car. I don’t have kids, who might require safety features like a roof…. and they can’t be that expensive…

Yeah, I’m not fooling anybody. No buggy for me.

What’s your dream car, and how would it mesh with your current day-to-day life?

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  1. Honestly, that’d be awesome. Way cooler than my little pick-up. :)


  2. As long as you drive it wearing a colorful head scarf, and really huge sunglasses, a la a 1970’s Hollywood starlet. I approve.


  3. Rapunzel (aka Mom) says:

    When I become a zillionaire I’ll buy you one. Maybe two.\

    My first Dream Car was Dune Buggy! Blue. With one of those amusing sounding horns. I am thinking Kleagle Horn, but that is possibly a Li’l Abner character. Klaxon maybe?

    My second Dream Car was a military surplus jeep.

    Both topless, both impractical for our climate here.

    My current Dream Car is a good ol’ pickup truck with a slide-in camper on the back. Suitable for long road trips and/or Living Happily Ever After in.

    One of these days.


  4. Love the buggy — made me think of this: http://marvel.com/universe/Spider-Mobile


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