Mama Said: On Decluttering

Over at Shmata Boro, my mama said:

“The second trip to Goodwill was even more fun than the first. I truly love decluttering. As I drove I made up a song for the occasion all about how happy I am to put useful things back into the world, and how I don’t want to have to take care of anything I don’t care about, and how I like having space for the good things to breathe, and a bit about the joy of saying Goodbye to things that were once a good buy. It was a verrrrry happy and spritely little song.

It may or may not have had the words ‘useless crap’ in it somewhere, I can’t quite remember.”


I am so, so clearly my mother’s daughter.

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  1. Some days I get in a big decluttering tizzy and feel like I can’t rest until everything (EVERYTHING!!) is gone. The main problem with this feeling is that I also tend to forge strong emotional ties or memories with objects, and I can’t let the item go without feeling like I’m letting the memory go. I actually read a comic just a few minutes ago that articulates the feeling very accurately:

    I know that realistically, it doesn’t have to be one or the other–I have plenty of wonderful memories without having to hold onto every object from my past–but I still have a box stuffed full of drawings my friends and I did in high school, even though (/because) I never think about those moments unless I’m looking at the drawings.


  2. Rapunzel (aka Mom) says:

    You are indeed, mine, all mine. But that’s not the only reason I love you!


  3. I LOVE DECLUTTERING!!! My husband recently told me that my goal is to get rid of everything. I told him that I only want to get rid of things that don’t have a purpose, because they weigh you down mentally and physically. He said they weigh me down, but not him. I laughed and said that although he isn’t aware of it, it weighs him down too. Little by little as I declutter our new home, he is starting to agree with me. “It’s nice to know where things are…” he commented. Yes, it is. Indeed it is.


  4. Rapunzel (aka Mom) says:

    Ah, Megan, I have that same conversation with my honeylamb. Repeatedly. But when I manage to create a little patch of ‘order’ he does like it.


  5. I think I may also be your mother’s daughter. Mom?


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