Mold. Mold? Mold!

Say, did I ever tell you that Ian is spending the summer in Germany? Or that I recklessly blew a considerable percentage of my net worth to spend three weeks visiting him there? And that I just got home last night, only to find that my bedroom was flooded and growing mold?

Well, it’s all true. After twenty hours/five thousand miles of travel, I was in no shape to deal with disaster. I sobbed brokenly for thirty seconds, found a dry, mold-free blanket in the linen cupboard, and belly-flopped onto our living room futon in groggy despair. You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine.

If you’re hankering to see gray mold and sloshy carpets, I posted pictures of the damages here.

A five-person professional cleaning crew has been on the job; the carpets have been torn out, and the wet end of the house is now crammed with nineteen or twenty fans and dehumidifiers.

I’m running on four hours of sleep and starting to fade. But you know what? Dealing with a huge, stinking mess isn’t a bad way to overcome jet lag. Nothing less could have kept me awake.


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  1. I assume Ian’s doing something awesome and opera-y? Where were you in the Germany-land? If you say Freiburg, I’ll be very upset that you didn’t wait another two months and visit me when I move there.

    I’m sending you mold-eliminating vibes. I’d say come stay up here, but we keep catching on fire. Although fire would get rid of the mold…


  2. I am so sorry! How awful… I can’t even imagine.


  3. Ohhhhhhh no! Those pictures were horrifying. I hope your stay in Germany was super amazing and you can think about that lots!


  4. Ew, ick! I can’t even imagine coming home to that after a long trip!


  5. Betty Hartley-Oldham says:

    Bekah, sorry about the odd replies from people you don’t know (Theresa is an old friend; Susan is my older stepdaughter). I didn’t realize that my comment on FB would make your pictures visible to the world and the world would chose to comment. All the best in your recovery efforts. I don’t envy you. Wish there was a way for me to help.


  6. Katie – Ian’s taking classes and seeking his fortune. We were mostly in Dusseldorf— by the time you get to Germany, I’ll be teaching, not trekking. Alas, alack.

    chelsie – The tragedy would have been much greater at your place; you’ve made it so beautiful!

    contrary kiwi – Thank you, it WAS amazing. Definitely worthwhile.

    chelsea – Seriously. There should be “check your plumbing” PSAs.

    Betty Hartley-Oldham – No apology necessary; my moldy home pictures are open to the world. Poor world! Recovery is ticking along nicely, and I feel good about life. Thanks for caring.


  7. Oh, my heart falls just thinking about this. We had peculiar mold issues in our last apartment (it grew behind the couch while none of us were paying attention, despite the back of the couch being no damper than any of the rest of the place), and it tires me out just thinking about dealing with it. I’m glad things are improving, and between this and the bugs wish you some home-related peace for a while.


  8. Yikes Rebekah! I’m so sorry about this. As you know, I’ve had my mold troubles too…soaking clothes and shoes in vinegar or Borax helped with the smell. We have a product here called concrobium you can spray on surfaces to make sure it doesn’t come back. (What can I say, we live in the rain forest.) Hope the worst is over by now.


  9. Mia – Your story is both bizarre and mysterious. Did you ever figure out what was going on? Either way, I appreciate your empathy.

    Christine@100Things100Days – Ah, it’s so nice to have a mold-battling role model! So far, the mold appears good ‘n’ dead. Finally, an upside to life in the sweltering desert.


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