Is the artist behind this graffito:

1) a pioneer in the field of efficient, cost-effective street art

2) one lazy cuss

3) other

Please submit your answer in the comments below.

Speaking of lazy cusses, I have not actually forgotten to blog. Blogging has merely been shoved down the priority list as I’ve resumed teaching and entered my third week living away from my mold-ravaged house. Please don’t mention the adage about fish and houseguests. Trust me, I’ve heard it.

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  1. Gah, the mold photos! I somehow missed that post.

    As for the photo, I think the machine is in love with another machine named Connie.


  2. As my mom’s name is Connie, I hope this isn’t something my dad felt the need to do when they went on a recent bus trip vacation out west…


  3. Yea verily, neither 3 day old fish nor longstanding houseguest stinketh like a mold ravaged house doth stink. For the stink thereof is mighty.


  4. Terri – Gasp! That is the most adorable suggestion ever! I wonder if Connie’s another.. uh… electrical box doohickey, or if this is an ill-fated cross-species romance…

    Jacob – Let’s combine your answer with Terri’s: this electrical box doohickey loves your mother.

    Rapunzel – Thank you, o good and faithful marmee!


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