Tea for None

Pouring hot water into a glass vessel. That was my first mistake— albeit a mistake this particular glass vessel has forgiven many times.

A minute after pouring the water, I heard a sharp cracking sound. Sure enough, a tidy crack ran around the carafe’s base.

Like any other simpleton, I picked it up.

Ready, set, gravity! As I lifted the glass, two quarts of hot tea rushed forth, creating a perfect flood in every direction.

 No regrets here; it was a glorious sight.

This is why the good lord gave us mops.

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  1. You have bad luck with glass and food/drink preparation…Wasn’t there a rice and glass incident some time back?


  2. Ah, the rice and glass incident.. I hope you have another story up your sleeve for the new issue, Rebekah :)


  3. I would have done the same thing, dearie. No tea burns, I hope?


  4. Huh, I was just thinking about making iced tea. Fortunately, the only iced-tea-storing item we have in the kitchen is a plastic pitcher that is probably only slowly poisoning us with toxic particles that leach into the delicious tea. Hurray!


  5. And my first thought was “I wish I could have seen that!”
    It must have been a glorious sight indeed.


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