Tacky Junk I Did Not Buy

As an avid thrift-shopper, I have acquired many classy, current, practical things second-hand. I’ll spare you the standard “I bought these Dior gowns and Van Gogh originals with change from the couch” spiel.

I’d much rather tell you how fun it is to find gaudy, dated, who-on-earth-paid-for-this-the-first-time stuff.

A small sampling of fairly tacky junk:

Poor Razor Grinders.


Lest your children grow overly fond of monopolies. I may come to regret not buying this game.


Since Peculiar Girl found her extra nifty wall art, I’ve been searching local thrift stores for something that cool:


No luck so far.

So glad these shoes told me they’re sexy. Wouldn’t have reached that conclusion by myself.

THESE however…

As to the tacky junk I DO buy… that’s a story for another day.

Bought any tacky junk lately?

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  1. Let’s see we’ve bought bicycles and fruit baskets and outrageous articles of clothing and most recently, a coon skin cap…with real fur for the grandson.


  2. I have an ever-growing collection of animal-themed mugs from various thrift stores, started when I was in college. I have a hippo, a pig, three penguins, a Keeshond, a giraffe, a koala, two nondescript birds, two cranes, and a cow. And one with M.C. Escher, although I suppose he breaks theme.


  3. Some of this stuff makes me so sad. Can you imagine working to make something and the end result is this tacky garbage that ends up in a thrift store? I feel the same way about books in the bargain bin. It’s so sad.


  4. Cheryl Breuer says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention! I have to dig through a lot (and I mean a lot) of tacky, ugly stuff before I find the occasional gem. I haven’t been to the thrift stores in several weeks. Perhaps it’s time for a visit. P.S. I can’t believe “Sexy” is a shoe brand that exists.


  5. No, but I was gifted a “pull my finger Santa” which my children were by turns frightened by and obsessed with. I just couldn’t take one more holiday with our windy friend so he got the boot a few months ago. Finally, we can focus on the reindeer that poops jelly beans!


    Rebekah Reply:



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