Aardvark Day 2012

Some of you are well acquainted with the Legend of Aardvark Day. Others may dimly recall that every May 8 since 1999, I’ve made an effort to be caught on film.

A big deadline cast a pall over my day. I felt cheated… until I remembered that May 8 always fell during Finals Week in college, so it’s been tense more often than not. Honestly, aren’t most holidays trouble of one kind or another?


This was the first rainy Aardvark Day in memory, forcing the festivities indoors. This year’s shots ranged from dreamy…

… to drowsy:

I’ve spared you all the yawning pictures. We’re rarely in bed before 1, but I can’t fight these eyelids any longer.

(By the way— I finally dragged my acne acne acne to a dermatologist in March. Quite the improvement, eh?)

Happy Aardvark Day, celebrants! May all your old flames be… … old? Flaming? Yep, it’s bedtime.

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  1. I loved reading the story about Aardvark Day. That’s such a nice tradition. The story is touching. There have been such powerful attachments to certain people I have had in my life that are life-altering. Even to this day I think about them, those certain ones I guess I fell in love with and who’ve left my life forever.


  2. Ah, Aardvark Day. If I knew any Aardvark Day carols, I would sing one before heading off to bed!


  3. Happy Aardvark Day! I have “Tell [ex-boyfriend] all the things I appreciate about him” day coming up, inserted in my phone back when he was still my boyfriend. Not quite sure how I’m going to commemorate that one.


  4. Happy Aardvark Day, lovely girl.
    What did the dermatologist do (besides observe that you’re really cute?) I know nothin about skin, so I’m awfully curious.


  5. I’m loving your little pinstripe jacket/vest sweater combo. Shnazzypants. Happy Aardvark Day, chica ^_^


  6. Laura – Ah, the shadowy figures from our pasts! Perhaps you need a general-purpose “To All the Folks I’ve Loved Before” holiday? Might be worth a shot! If you can’t exorcise nostalgia, put it to work for you.

    Jacob – Would you believe there IS an Aardvark Day carol (of sorts)? If I teach it to you, you’ll have a whole year to perfect your performance before A-Day 2013!

    contrary kiwi – Ooh. Ah. Hmm. Tricky, that one… depending how long you’ve been apart and how you currently feel about each other, you may want to take a year (or thirty) off from this particular holiday…

    rapunzel – Good question: he gave me two prescriptions (one antibiotic, one anti-yeast thingy) and two topical creams (to melt my face off, essentially). I had a check-up last week; the yeast-killer’s out, a testosterone-blocker is in. For someone who gets nervous even taking aspirin, all this Modern Medicine is a bit scary— but I haven’t felt this good about my face since who-knows-when.

    Rach – Thank you, loveduck! You’re seeing a sleeveless dress + vest + shrug. ‘Cause baby, it was cold outside, and Ian wanted the door left open so we could enjoy that fragrant, frigid rainy weather.


  7. Yes, yes, and yes. I just need an audio file of the song being performed (thankfully, you and Mr. Jaunty are super-musically inclined) and then I can mimic it and copy it enough to be able to warble out a performance next year. This is a plan! I must warn you that I tried to sing The Eagles’ “One of These Nights,” on the drive home tonight, and my falsetto isn’t quite what it used to be.


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