I give up. Which is which?

As a young’un, I couldn’t tell Burt Reynolds from Tom Selleck. To me, they both fell into that broad category called “older dudes with mustaches” and were therefore interchangeable.

I had the same problem with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, neither of whom I’d ever actually seen in a movie. They both had dark hair and played gangsters, so they must be the same person.

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Inexplicably, I also confused the themes from Last of the Mohicans and Wuthering Heights¬†. (I mean the film scores, not literary themes in the novels.) THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. NOT BY A MILE. Still, every time I thought about Wuthering Heights (which is fabulous), I’d start humming the Mohicans theme. When you’re confused, you’re confused.

When an old roommate mentioned she couldn’t tell butter and margarine apart, I thought she was a complete fool. But then, I once made a friend a sandwich with Miracle Whip and described it as mayo—what, there’s a difference?— and she was so disgusted she nearly choked. Who’s the fool now, Jaunty?


What people/places/things do you mix up? 


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