Back in November, Ian said this outfit reminded him of Gambit. Yes, the X-Man.

 I here admit that I didn’t pop that collar until after the Gambit remark. Observe that my hair does not grow longer, only taller.

Today’s outfit, similarly captured with crummy indoor lighting and bleached to no end:

Sheila‘s been winterizing her summer dresses all week, which inspired me to give it a stab. You’ve seen this dress, but might not see it again; it’s lived a long life for a cheaply made dress, and can’t hold on much longer.

As it’s past midnight, let’s skip wardrobe details. Most of what I wear is thrifted and not currently on the market, though you might find Derek Cardigan glasses online. Also, behold the aforementioned stank face sweater; the floppy neckline was annoying, so I sewed it down.

And there you have it; digital evidence that I am still alive and have dressed myself at least twice in the past three weeks. May I fall asleep now?


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  1. I suppose you can fall asleep, fine. Next time you should really hold up a newspaper with the photos, though, so we can REALLY be sure that the photo is recent. And maybe Paypal us all a dollar. You know, just so we’re reassured.


    Rebekah Reply:

    Don’t listen to my neighbors, Mia— I TOTALLY wear clothes.


  2. So glad to have digital evidence of your existence. I just figured out that your blog is my Mac and cheese. I always feel better when I’ve read some. As for Ian, gotta love a man that has an opinion on your outfits even if it is to compare you to an X-man.


  3. I love the dress and sweater – makes me wish I had more dresses! (and sweaters, for that matter…)


  4. Gambit was pretty snazzy as I recall. But… it was the early 90’s so maybe I am wrong.
    Either way I found out that there is a whole “thing” about girl versions of guy characters and the other way around. It’s called ‘rule 63’ by internet folks. The results fall somewhere between ‘kinda nifty’ and ‘how can I unsee that!?” as do many things I’ve found by accident.


  5. Aw, thank you so much for the shout-out, Rebekah! :)

    I wish my hair would grow straight up, Gambit or not…

    Happy New Year!


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