Eat, Drink, and Be Vegany

Now that The Holiday Season is dancing its merry jig upon hearts and budgets everywhere, you may be eager to invest in festive, non-dairy beverages.

Fine, fine, you’re too sophisticated to even notice the novelty beverages at your local co-op or upscale HippieMart.  But I shelled out, so learn from my tastebuds.


(Image via Vegan Essentials)

This nog wasn’t a hit with me. The flavor was fairly good, but the consistency was too thin—-  I find all rice milk watery and should have seen this coming. Not being one to pour paid-for beverages down the drain, I 1) let my houseguest Andrew drink most of it and 2) used the rest as oddly-flavored creamer in my tea. Waste not, yo! There is soy nog on the market, which should at least be thicker…


(Image via Vegan Essentials, again)

Now THIS I like. Never thought to warm it up, always drank it cold. We (meaning mostly me) drank two cartons of this stuff inside a week.

If you already have chocolate non-dairy milk around the house, you could probably splash in a little peppermint flavoring or schnapps to achieve a similar chocolate-minty effect. WAIT, WAIT. The last time I had this idea, it was called sambuca cocoa and it flopped heartily.  Furthermore, would buying enough mint extract or schnapps to create a sufficiently strong flavor be more expensive than the original product? ANYWAY! THIS STUFF TASTES NICE.

If you prefer to chew your sugary calories, consider


(Image via Run-A-Ton Group)

Tastes like apple pie! All ingredients can be easily pronounced and possibly found in your own pantry— and unless you find a great sale ( I did), it would almost definitely be cheaper to bake your own pie. Nevertheless, I give this two thumbs up. Yes, it’s vegan.

Are there any vegan holiday snacks on your horizon? Do tell!

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  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but there’s a coconut milk eggnog available at my local grocery store. I’m not sure it’s 100% vegan since I was only concerned about the non-dairy portion of it, but I think it’s likely to be vegan. I may try it soon and report back.


  2. I tried the rice nog too. Yuck. The cats would not drink it. It was before I became vegan, so I doctored it up with milk and sugar and then thickened it with a fresh egg from our hens.

    Will try the soy nog. I think egg nog and bacon are the only non-vegan things I miss.

    I got some butterless baking sticks this weekend and am planning to try veganizing the family trad belgian cooie recipe. Will let you know if it works.


  3. Tori – Thanks for the tip, Tori! I like coconut milk.

    Mum – You know you’re in trouble when even the cats won’t touch it.

    Let me know how the cookies go! I’ve been buying Earth Balance sticks on sale for vegan baking needs, but just discovered that Nucoa brand marg. sticks are almost 50% cheaper, still vegan, AND available at a regular grocery store, not a co-op or fancy market. SCORE! Most vegan baking doesn’t require marg., but I like to keep some on hand just in case.


  4. Cheryl Breuer says:

    I haven’t seen that chocolate peppermint stick drink. That looks awesome. Our local co-op has vegan pumpkin pie, and the restaurant where we got married has vegan baklava. I’ll probably bring some of each to Christmas dinner with Tom’s family. I also usually make a vegan shepherd’s pie (not really a snack) that has lentils instead of ground beef. I also just bought the new Spork Fed cookbook and they have a recipe for vegan chocolate-covered peanut butter balls. Hell yeah! Love the title on this post.


  5. I am planning on making vegan cinnamon rolls and vegan chocolate muffins. It will be my first time using the recipes I am and the first time having a vegan dessert that I made. I am making it for my family during our holiday brunch. I decided I am not telling them that it’s vegan, well at least until they say how good it is…hopefully. : )


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