Flashback: Mahjong

(While cleaning out my files, I found this snippet of fiction dated January 20, 2008. This one’s for Katie and Chrissy, the minds behind (the now defunct) Far Away Literary Magazine.)

(Winter Lovers by Zoja Trofimiuk. Image source)

Rebobo is decidedly plain. She loves Jonagold, but knows he’s chasing a prettier girl. Rebobo can’t blame him, but begins avoiding mirrors with almost religious fanaticism.

Jonagold wants Daffodil, always has. Jonagold dreams of taking her sailing — but whenever he dares to talk to her, his knees buckle, his head swims, his heart fails. Jonagold sails alone, the wind in his hair, Daffodil’s name running through his mind for days on end.

And so it goes.

Daffodil could never trust a man; not after what happened with Lars. She’s only just beginning to smile again, and most days her smiles look strained.

Lars aches for Rebobo, and has tried to show her in a thousand, thousand ways…but she only has eyes for Jonagold.

We fall for the wrong people and risk our sorry, worthless necks trying to win their love. At no point do we glance back over one shoulder to see who has been adoring us from afar.

And so it goes.

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  1. You may need to sex this up a little for our next issue ;)


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