Return of the Blogroll!

Never-Nude [b]log-rolling! Image via Wikimedia Commons


Months ago, my blogroll vanished. Don’t ask me how. While my technical skills are admittedly sucktastic, even I’m not dense enough to delete entire pages. Or am I?

Whatever happened, I have spent the past two hours typing, clicking, singing fragments of the alphabet (“LMNOP… HIJK… QRST…”), and getting distracted.

Would you like to be listed on my blogroll? Have any fun/enlightening blog recommendations for the list? Spill your guts in the comments or email rebekah (at) jauntydame (dot) com


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  1. I’d like to be included!


  2. Me too!


  3. It would be an honor! As for blog recommendations, the ones that come to mind immediately are ones I’ve already seen you comment in, so I trust your selective taste is impeccable–


  4. Ladies, all three of you were already listed. How could I forget you?

    The current blogroll’s listed up under my header, if you’re looking for some light reading.


  5. even though I don’t post as often as you, I would love to be included.


    Rebekah Reply:

    You got it, lady!


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