To make a long story bearable, Ian will be working at NMSU for the next year.

So! I left both jobs, we packed our bags, and Ian drove from Pennsylvania to New Mexico. (Grendel and I mostly slept.)

This will be our home:

Our house/ in the middle of our street/ our house/ is a very very very fine house

What a tree, what a tree!

We were planning to make do with an ugly student apartment, as we’ve always done, but this place was a steal. By my humble standards, this is practically the Biltmore; we suddenly have a washer and dryer, skylights, curbside recycling, a garden hose (perfect for cleaning the rat cage), two bathrooms, a fireplace, french doors leading from the master bedroom to the jungle backyard.

REBEKAH: “I don’t even know where to begin. How do I tell the plants from the weeds?”

IAN: “The plants are the dead ones.”

The house’s owner moved to an assisted-living facility, leaving behind many of her possessions. She moved back in January, which means there’s a lot of dust, disarray, and general corrosion to combat; I’ve been battling vast weevil nations, and will soon take on the nearly-mouse-sized cockroaches. When I’m not whimpering and murdering innocent crawlies, I can be found packing up endless boxes of homeowner’s stuff, unpacking endless boxes of OUR stuff., or scrubbing for hours on end. By next week, I hope to have things looking and feeling homelike.

It’s been five weeks since The Great Razor Tragedy of 2011, and I have hair again:

Some hair, anyway. Not enough to brag about or to keep small children from doing double-takes, but enough to look messy after being slept upon. The worst of both worlds. In two or three more weeks, I should be back to a #5. Funny that a #5 should now sound long and luxurious to me.

Readers, I was worried that all of you would unsubscribe during my two weeks’ absence. But no, not one of you jumped ship, and I can’t tell you how I appreciate it. Thank you.

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  1. I adore your house and am jealous in the nicest possible way.
    Thank you for the lovely brown dress. Did you give Daniel a dress also? He has one in his cradle.
    Am assembling a care package, should have it ready to mail by next weekend (aka next payday). Hopefully it will fit in your splendid new mailbox.

    PS-Love your hair, mine is getting too long already. I should look into that “5” business.


  2. First, a big congratulations to Ian! From everything you’ve told me (aka bragged) about him, he’ll do a fantastic job.

    And hurrah for the new house and being back in NM (now you’re closer to me!…sort of…). But that cockroach situation will not do. When I worked at the butterfly conservatory, we used to carry around bottles of Windex to spray the cockroaches with. It’s not nice, but the ammonia messes with their nervous system and kills them, or at least slows them down enough that you can kill them.

    P.S. The hair looks good and you, as always, look gorgeous. Seriously, you make me want to shave my head and that’s a dangerous desire.


    Millie Reply:

    It’s true, Katie is totally the cockroach expert after that stint. It’s a lovely looking house, and yay for space, but oh, that’s so assy that it’s that overrun.

    I’m glad you got there in one piece! Moving across the country is no mean feat — moving even just one town over’s been about five and a half gong shows for me, let alone crossing much of a continent.

    And of course congratulations to Mr Dame (ha!) for landing a job teaching music! I’m sure he’ll be awesome.


  3. Hurray giant tree! I also need your new address for the sending of, also, a care package<3


  4. Congrats on a lovely place and a new adventure in familiar surroundings.


  5. Your own place!!!! Yay!!!! I know you are working hard cleaning, hang in there!! It will pay off soon :)


  6. Welcome back! Congratulations on landing the Biltmore. Washer and dryer? You can just wash your clothes all day if you want! (Jealous.)

    Also, I am glad to have another association with Albuquerque other than “Breaking Bad,” which I love, but yikes.


  7. Whoa, what a big job to be moving in and moving another’s belongings out. But what a wonderful place it will be when that it all done. You have a lovely profile…


  8. Yay! Things Are Happening! Congratulations. Your home looks neato. And your hair’s looking good.


  9. What a tree indeed. I bet it drizzles all sorts of fun things onto nearby sidewalks and cars.

    Your hair is looking great!


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