Fungus Among Us?

What is wrong with this picture? Aside from the lighting, exposure, composition, and pedicure?

How about that mysterious dark spot on my largest toenail?

While Dr. Google Images failed to reveal similar toenail conditions, Dr. Google was rife with stories about dark spots that proved out to be fungus and quickly spread to all other toes, leaving nothing but decay and misery.

Dr. Google also suggested a long list of medications and home remedies, none of which seemed universally helpful and ALL of which require months of use.

Quick, somebody slap the drama button!

Now, it’s possible that these dark spots are the remains of a bruise. I THOUGHT I had a bruise on that toe, but I’ve always had a few inexplicable bruises in rotation and didn’t give it another thought. Besides, I was busy moving across the country. Why couldn’t this have happened three weeks ago, when I was gainfully employed and insured?


With this post, I relinquish the dregs of my Blogger Mystique. May it rest in peace.


Anybody know anything about nail fungus or dark spots?


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  1. My stepdad had toenail fungus for years. Probably still does, actually. I can’t give any advice, but I can commiserate! Just go with the idea that it’s a bruise for now, and if it doesn’t fade in a month, well, don’t donate any shoes to Goodwill!

    (I started painting my toenails yellow the other day, but decided it was a bad idea and wiped the still-wet polish off–but now my left big toe has yellowish streaks on it that I’m worried someone will mistake for an unsightly disease. /tales of Mia)


  2. Looking up medical conditions on the internet seems to inevitably lead to doom and gloom scenarios. It’s probably just a bruise or other kind of abrasion or something underneath the nail. You were moving – maybe you set a box down on your foot? If it doesn’t get any bigger, I wouldn’t worry at all. Dr. Google is notoriously alarmist, don’t let him get to you.


  3. I really think that’s a bruise, and that you’ll live.


  4. Mia – Years of toenail fungus. That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. A month or two of applying medicine is no big thang, but the idea of fighting a fungus for years… ~deep breath~

    What you need, milady, is toenail polish remover! Imaginary foot disease begone!

    Annie – Always a voice of reason! I could easily have dropped something on my foot. I remember thinking I had a big bruise on that toenail, but I was busy and never took a close look… but would a bruise really fade to small, precise spots like this? We’ll see.

    Katie the Interrobang – I know I sound paranoid, but YOU never saw the toenails of Shortcake, my ex. They looked like thick, very holey sponges. That wasn’t even a fungus, just an accident that screwed up his feet. But still! Imagine it!


  5. I would like to take a moment to compliment you on NOT commiting my two sandal pet peeves:
    1- loooong toenails
    2- toes sticking out beyond the front of the sandals


  6. the Viking Diva says:

    Not to freak you out but – my dermatologist warns me to remove toe polish sometimes and check for dark spots. Melanomas can start under the nail. Keep an eye on it: if it does not move as the nail grows, have it checked.


  7. Mum – You must have raised me better than that. ;)

    the Viking Diva – What a fun name! I’d never considered the possibility of melanoma, thanks for the heads up! I suddenly wish toenails grew faster so I could be sure…


  8. I know this was posted a while ago but what has been the outcome of this? I just noticed a dark spot under my toenail tonight in your exact location and looks PRECISELY the same and your image is the only one I’ve seen online like it.


    Rebekah Reply:

    Ann, I won’t leave you hanging any longer: my toenail turned out to be totally fine, and the spots disappeared once they grew out enough to separate from my toe (if that makes sense). May you be so lucky!

    I still wonder what happened, though.


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