Amy Rehkemper Anti-Clutter Questions

You know the scene; you’re trying to clean house and wondering how on EARTH someone with your meager income managed to drag home so many piles of absolute junk.

Time to grab the nearest object, give it a good hard look, and ask these questions from Amy Rehkemper:

Do you love it?

Do you need it?

Can you live without it?

When did you last use it?

What’s the worst-case scenario if you let it go?

Is it damaged?

Is it a duplicate?

Would you buy it?

Is it expired?

Is it out of style?

-Rehkemper’s questions are from p. 157 of Mission: Organization.

I humbly submit two questions of my own:

How is this _________ helping me become the person I want to be?

Is this _________ making my life easier?



Alright, readers. Go forth and reclaim your living space!




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  1. This is extremely helpful food for thought as I prepare to pack and move. Sometimes I just want to set the whole lot ablaze and start fresh, but I gather that’s frowned upon in this country.


  2. This is very timely for me… I think even you would be impressed with my current minimalism, but still I can’t fit everything in my car. I’m about to move so I’m starting to sell/donate a fair amount!


  3. I am tempted to skip A.R.’s ten questions and go straight to Jaunty Dame’s two.
    In which case these answers:
    1- It really isn’t.
    2- Not at all.

    will suffice for almost everything around here.


  4. Mia – Oy, do I know that feeling. Do you ever catch yourself feeling RELIEVED when something falls apart, so you can throw it away with an easy conscience?

    Annie – I bet I WOULD be impressed. The Car Standard is a great one. =)

    mum – Alas! It’s dangerous to start asking these questions about OTHER people’s stuff, and even worse to ask these questions about people. =D


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