Ten Backpacker Things

While visiting my mother and her boyfriend last summer, I noticed a neat little card sitting on his bookshelf. Months later I was still thinking about it, so I asked Mom to send a picture. Behold!


In case you can’t tell, it reads:

Ten Backpacker Things You Could Do at Home

-Buy only what you need

-Talk to strangers

-Use public transportation

-Embrace the unexpected

– Support your local economy

-Educate yourself on world affairs

-Always be learning a new language

-Live adventurously

-Seek niche communities

-Go at your own pace


Isn’t that fabulous?

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  1. Smiley Woman says:

    LIke it a loooot!!! :D


  2. suzzie V says:

    Such great advice!


  3. I love it. Every morning on my way to work, even when I’m running late, I remind myself to slow down my pace and take my time getting there. Enjoying the walk is more important than taking five minutes off the company’s clock!


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