Somebody’s Getting Married?

I wanted to post this before my little sister’s wedding on Saturday, but as the Janice to her Miss Piggy, I was pretty busy.

The wedding/weekend in New Orleans were absolutely glorious, and I’ll round up supporting photos as soon as I can. Until then, sing it if you know it!

Can you find the actual wedding scene/song on YouTube? I couldn’t, though the accompanying song “He’ll Make Me Happy” has been covered by all kinds o’ people. Color me surprised.

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  1. I can’t get over how much Kermit is dressed like Gene Kelley with the sweater and tie! And his one buddy (whose Muppet name escapes me) is his Donald O’Connor.

    Congratulations to your sister, and I can’t wait to see pictures!


  2. So excited for the wedding weekend recap!!


  3. Congrats to your sister and your family. There’s nothing like a good wedding to pull out a “Muppets Take Manhattan” reference. (Together Again is one of my favorite songs, period.) Hope they have a lifetime of happiness.


  4. Katie – I know, aren’t they dapper?! Donald O’Connor (your old flame) is here called Scooter.

    Evie – The wedding was sooooooo pretty. I can’t get over it.

    Jacob – That IS a great song. I haven’t seen Muppets Take Manhattan in years— but I can stream it on Netflix! Glory be!


  5. Smiley Woman says:

    Didn’t know this one and really enjoyed it! hahahahaha Hope you and your sis had a great time! Did they get married?! ‘Cause somebody’s gettin’ marrieed toooodaaaaayy!!!!! =)


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