The Stanley, the Katie, and the Wedding


Most photos were taken by Mr. Jaunty, some by our friend Chris, a few by me. As the Good Book says, “Thou shalt click to enlarge.”

Last weekend, Mr. Jaunty and I voyaged to Estes (sounds like “Festus,” not “testes”) Park, Colorado for a dear friend’s wedding at the majestic Stanley Hotel:

No wait, that was a model built for this miniseries. This is the real Stanley:

It’s absolutely beautiful and surprisingly quirky— the Stanley is very proud of its (tenuous?) link to the Shining, and hosts popular “Ghost Tours” along with an in-house psychic. Besides, they keep an old car in their lobby:

While the hotel now uses standard keycards for its guest rooms, all their old keys can be seen hanging behind the front desk, swinging from hooks and gleaming prettily:

One stairway is lined with mirrors, perfect for checking your hair and wondering how you got from second-hand everything to a five-star hotel:

Here’s a peek at our li’l room. Not seen are the jacuzzi tub, spacious closet, and any resident ghosts. It’s a good thing I didn’t spot the room service menu, or I might have stayed in bed with a book all weekend… and gone broke. The bed was ridiculously comfy:

Such mountains!

I spent much of Saturday with one of my favorite bloggers, Katie of Interrobangs Anonymous, who is everything I dreamed she’d be and more.

When I first saw Katie driving through the Stanley’s parking lot, absentmindedly brushing her bangs off her forehead with an elegant hand, it honestly felt like spotting a celebrity.  I was instantly transported to the late 90’s, when my cousin fell for Hanson and gushed about how Ike Hanson pulled up his socks during an interview, “just like a normal person.” World, Katie is a real person.

Obligatory outfit photo. Note the coordinating jeans, gray tops, and curly hair— we both had berets, too. I should have worn my glasses!

I know, I know; all the gorgeous scenery in the mountains of Colorado, and we took pictures in a messy hotel room. Hey, time flies when you’re pouring out your heart to a previously-unseen friend.

Katie already wrote a lovely, detailed post about our meet-up, but was too modest to add that she gave me a pair of self-made, green and blue beaded earrings. She chose the colors because I wear so much teal. Good call; like JT, deep greens and blues are the colors I choose.  You can almost see them here:

Days later, I still feel strange seeing the pictures of us together. I mean, that chick I see in the mirror and the Interrobang are TOUCHING, which means they’re both REAL. SO WEIRD.

This Colorado outhouse sign could spark a discussion about gender identities:

I DID have to sneak into a men’s room at the Stanley once— it made me think about co-ed bathrooms, which took me back to reading “A Return to Modesty.” Should have discussed that with Katie.

While Katie and I were off gallivanting, more helpful guests were prepping for the reception:

I didn’t take pictures of the actual wedding ceremony, which was both tender and brief; I didn’t want to be rude, and wasn’t tall enough to get a good shot anyway. But here’s a “behind the scenes” shot of the bride and groom, a hilarious pair of opera singers who couldn’t seem any happier together:

Blurry but cheerful Jaunties at the reception. That reception was one swingin’ party; drinking, dancing, a performance by Janice Hall (who won a Bistro Award last year), and of course dinner and cake. I discovered that I can drink whiskey sours without flinching, which will be handy if I’m ever forced to amble into a bar and order something tougher than hot chocolate.

I had planned to devote an hour or two before the wedding to intense grooming; shaving my prickly legs, plucking the blonde hairs on my big toes, buffing my nails, exfoliating and lotion-slathering from tip to toe… but talking to Katie was more fun, so I ended up doing a quick clothing change and one-over face/hair touch-up instead. My legs and feet were mostly under a long tablecloth, anyway, and a stylist liked my inevitably tousled hair.

Dining with another classical singer friend, Chris; I thought that Chris was dating a guy, so I was a happy, chatty, perhaps even flirtatious dinner companion. Once I learned he was both straight and single, I was mortified by my behavior. What does THAT mean? I’m myself with gay men, but not straight ones? I have more fun with people who don’t find me attractive? Worth pondering.

Before we left on Sunday morning, some local elk strutted up to bid us farewell. You’d think they owned the place.

If you ever want elk to turn and stare at you, try noisily rolling your luggage across a bumpy parking lot. Worked every time. Such sweet faces!

Our flight home from Denver was cancelled due to a plane’s bad brakes, so we spent 9.5 hours sitting in the Denver airport, trying to sleep in uncomfortable chairs. All those magazines I thrifted, Katie? Completely necessary.

Home again, home again, jiggity jog.

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  1. You saw me driving through the parking lot? Did you see me circle two times like a dork looking for a space?

    It was the best of times, lady! I’m glad you had fun, that the wedding was beautiful, that the elk FINALLY showed up, and that almost all was good. Stuck in DIA, however, not cool. If only we’d known; we could have just hung out at the airport!

    P.S. Never having had to actually USE that outhouse before, I had no idea what the sign said!

    P.P.S. You compared me to Hanson. My life is complete.


    Rebekah Reply:

    Katie, I didn’t see you circling; the instant I spotted you, I turned to tell Mr. Jaunty the Ike Hanson anecdote. He was not even remotely impressed. =)


  2. Hey, Estes Park! My aunt and uncle have lived there for a few years, and I have been oft corrected regarding its pronunciation…
    “Es-tease” must be a real thorn in the side of the locals, but how was I to know?

    I’ve not been, but it looks gorgeous! The wedding looks beautiful, although its hard for me not to think of the Shining when imagining a huge old historic hotel out in the mountains..


  3. Smiley Woman says:

    I just skipped the “warning” and looked at all the pictures with excitement and joy. Lucky you and Katie that you could finally meet (when will be our turn???). I remembered when I went to a wedding in the States, I had so many good memories (maybe the fact that I was deeply in love had something to do in it).
    You both look amazing, happy and relaxed. =) You, as always, have this amazing look and smile!
    Besos =*


  4. I am still SUPER JEALOUS. That looks/sounds like fun times!


  5. Totally jealous of you getting to hang out with Katie, and it looks like a fab party. I mostly came over here to say, though, that I have about two thirds of an entry about male fashion role models sitting in my queue and if you still want to exchange, let me know.


  6. Evie – Perhaps you can wrangle an invitation from your aunt and uncle? It IS beautiful there. The Stanley WANTS you to think about the Shining, preferably all day every day; it’s good for business.

    Smiley Woman – Our turn is coming! Hang tight!

    Millie – Fear not, I’m saving up for a visit to your country. Katie donated a quarter to the cause, thereby doubling my fund.

    Cynthia – Ooh, this should be fun!


  7. I am so jealous of both you and Katie that you got to meet each other! And your trip looks so fun/relaxing!

    Also, regarding your conversation with the unbeknownst-to-you single/straight guy: yeah, I DO think I am more myself/have more fun around people who aren’t attracted to me. Because when when you know someone’s attracted to you (or even potentially could be) and you don’t feel the same way, you have to worry the whole time. Even if you’re laughing/talking/teasing in simply a friendly way, you “have” to worry about how *they* are interpreting it. So when that worry’s not there, it’s less stressful and more comfortable and you can be more yourself. Or at least, that’s how it is for me!


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