Product Review: Sensations by Isotoner Vegan Gloves

For ages, I’ve wanted to trade my old, bulky leather gloves for something sleeker and less made-of-skin. I scoured department and discount stores, but all the colorful, studded, stylish gloves I saw were… leather.

I finally found simple-but-cute vegan gloves at Wal-Mart (of all places); they’re “sensations by Isotoner,” and cost $12.

Old gloves, new gloves:

Available in brown-on-brown or gray-on-black, these herringbone gloves could be paired with riding boots and an English manor house. Also suitable for a ladylike, 1940’s aesthetic.

These (maybe all?) Isotoners are made in China, so any karmic brownie points earned for avoiding leather will be immediately deducted for supporting a sweatshop. Win some, lose some.

Many Isotoners have leather grip-strips sewn onto their back and palm; this pair has vinyl grips.

THE BAD NEWS: These gloves leave me with cold, cold fingers. Because Isotoner has been in the glove biz 101 years (yep!), I expected these to be warm. Ice-atoners, if you will. Nay verily!

To be fair, my old leather gloves were no warmer; I always wore thin, knit gloves underneath.

If it’s warmth you’re after— save $12 and skip these gloves.

Have you ever tried Isotoners? Where would you go for toasty vegan gloves?

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  1. Well, I have Isotoners, and they are WARM. You would not want the ones I have though. They’re soft beige suede lined with cream fleece for a sort of faux shearling appearance, and they are both flexible and toasty.


  2. I had Isotoners in the late ’70’s, a gift from my MIL, and they weren’t warm either….apparently their styles vary a lot.
    I’d think your best bet vegan-wise would be faux wooly tightly knit mittens. Since gloves separate the fingers they’re not as warm.
    Happy hunting.


  3. Cynthia – They sound pretty. I’m glad you have good gloves on hand (har!), what with all the crazy weather… I figured Isotoners must have warm gloves, because my Michigander grandma wears them. Michigan is too cold for silly gloves.

    mum – Wait, so maybe Grandma’s gloves weren’t warm either? MY MIND IS BLOWN. I’ve been trying to avoid mittens, I’m so pro-dexterity— maybe I’ll try those mittens who unfold to reveal fingerless gloves?

    Aw, who’m I fooling? I’m WAY too cheap to buy more than one pair of gloves in a single winter. The Isotoners will do for now, I’ll wait and see what strikes my fancy next winter.


  4. I just bought some really red Isotoner Sensations gloves from Walmart, and it sounds like the same gloves that you are describing. Really red is the actual name that is given for the color. I could not find them at the Isotoner website, but many of their gloves came in a color called really red. I admit that my knowledge of gloves is small because I live in Mississippi and do not have to use gloves except in extreme weather, and then most of us run out and buy the cheapie knit gloves which are only good for keeping our hands from actually touching a cold object. I was buying these gloves for an Operation Christmas Child shoe box which is sponsored by Samaritans Purse and led by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son. I had already packed all of my boxes for this year, when I found myself walking around in Walmart and thinking about the children getting the boxes. I saw the gloves and had a gut reaction which sounds something like this, “Some child needs these gloves. Look how soft and warm they are. These are high quality gloves. There is some kid out there who wishes for just the right gloves, and these are the ones.”

    Isotoner sells high priced gloves by my local standards, and somewhere I had heard that their stuff is the high quality stuff, but I would go online later to see what is so special about these particular gloves. They were adult sized gloves. So I tried them on. They fit my small adult sized hand very nicely and seemed extremely soft like the knit gloves which aren’t worth much, but these were lined.

    Then I started thinking of what else I could put into another shoe box after I had already thought I packed all I was going to pack. My last shoe box would be packed around these red gloves. I was thinking that a child who needed warm gloves must be in a cold place. So I got the warm accessories to go with the gloves. I looked around for ideas and did not get any more inspiration like the one I had when I selected the gloves, until I got to the hat. I wondered if this child would want a pretty hat, a warm hat or a pretty warm hat. I could not decide until I saw what I would get. It was a cheapie red knit cap like the cheapie gloves, and it only cost $1.50 to go with the $12 really red gloves that I was buying.

    I decided that since the Lord knows which child will get the box, He also knows what else the child likes, and since the gloves are red, the cap should be red also, and He was the one who knew which one to get.

    However, getting back to the gloves, are they really not all that warm by snow bird standards?


  5. Annette – My Isotoner gloves weren’t very warm, true, but 1) they make many varieties, so the ‘really red’ pair you bought could be warmer and 2) the gloves were well-made and have lasted a couple of years so far.

    Surely some child will be delighted to receive them— and the coordinating hat!


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