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Moments ago, Mr. Jaunty said “I really want one of these [outrageously fancy and expensive] new phones.”

I would have cracked a joke about his weakness for gadgets, but I was busy sorting my sealing wax collection by color.

What gets you nerdy?

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  1. Weird Al is the man.

    Is it bad that I get nearly every joke in the lyrics? Hmmm…


  2. HAHAHA I love everything about this post.

    I get super nerdy about bras and bra fittings. Usually I hold back if I see a woman in the wrong size, but if I get some vodka in me, suddenly I decide that I need to enlighten everyone in the room.


  3. (just to clarify I “enlighten” everyone in the room separately. I do not embarrass someone in front of a whole room of people!)


  4. Mr.Jaunty – I get ’em, too. Go team!

    Kelly – Interesting!! I could probably use a few pointers— should I buy you vodka?

    Don’t worry, I don’t think you’d embarrass anyone. And good lord, what could be more embarrassing than having someone criticize your BRA SIZE at a party?! I had an ex-boyfriend publicly mock my [vaguely, vaguely skinnyish] jeans once, and I was absolutely mortified.


  5. Gregorvich the Wandmaker says:

    I would have thought for sure that Mr. Jaunty was an android sort of guy. Hmm.


  6. Gregorovich the Wandmaker says:

    @Mr. Jaunty: Unfortunately for myself, I could recognize both the star wars christmas special and the time independent Schrödinger equation from the video.


    Rebekah Reply:

    Unfortunately? C’mon, you adore your nerdiness.


  7. @Gregorvich

    I’m just a gadget kind of guy. I’d be happy with any of them. The draw of Windows Phone is the Zune software and the OneNote app.

    Didn’t catch the equation. :0


  8. Gregorovich the Wandmaker says:

    Ah, I agree. It does look pretty cool. I have one of the older zunes, and it’s still working great, unlike the two ipods I bought before it. The zune software is pretty great too, much better than itunes (not that that’s saying much).


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