It’s 9 PM. Do you know where your hankies are?

Wow, this giveaway business is harder than it looks. Could it be that not everyone loves antique squares of embroidered fabric? How is that possible?

More for us, I suppose!

This week’s fortunate winner is…….


Slip me your address, lady, and I’ll send the goods. Remember Desdemona and keep ’em safe.

As thanks for your loyalty and thoughtful advice, WendyB, Angela, Phoebe, Hannah, and Millie are all entitled to ‘consolation prize’ handkerchiefs. Cold season’s coming, and I want y’all blowing your honkers in style. If you ladies are interested, send your address to rebekah (at) jauntydame (dot) com. At your request, I’ll even seal the envelope with a lipstick kiss.
Just because.

Thank you for playing along!

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  1. Hey, that’s me! Huzzah!


  2. You are one classy dame. Thank you for the consolation prizes!
    Congratulations on the win, Katie!


  3. You’re too sweet. Email on its way!


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