What’s In My Bag?

This won’t feel like a REAL blog until I write a “sneak a peek inside my purse” post.

With no further ado, here’s the bag I’ve carried for the past year or two:

You’ve seen it twice before (here and here), during Summer Black Out. This bag has accompanied me on many adventures, but I tend to chuck it outside the shot when being photographed.

I’ve never been wild about this purse; about two years ago, I stopped buying leather and replaced my leather bags and shoes as quickly and cheaply as possible. Noble impulse and all, but if I’d been a tad more discerning I wouldn’t have brought home this undersized, slightly matronly-looking number. It does have a cross-body strap, though, which is vital for a cyclist with no bike baskets.

Here are the unedited contents of my purse:

  • Lip color: it’s Cover Girl Lipslicks in “Daring.” It’s alright, perhaps not worth buying twice
  • Massive pile o’ change, mostly leftover quarters from my two summer yard sales
  • Levi’s sunglasses from Ross. They cost $6 and have a novel, faux wood grain pattern.
  • Little notebook and calligraphy pen for… all those times I practice calligraphy on the go?
  • Key ring
  • Dollar Tree makeup bag from my big sister; formerly a wristlet, ditched the strap
  • Cell phone
  • Li’l plastic case of toothpicks to prevent black pepper from ruining my dates
  • Wadded up plastic bag. No idea when or how it got there
  • Red fake croc wallet, Kenneth Cole Reaction via Ross
  • Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam. Bought it today, can’t vouch for it yet
  • Wadded up scent-testing papers from Sephora. Until two days ago, I’d never set foot in a Sephora— but they’ve been on my radar for years, due to my never-ending quest for a good vanilla perfume. It’s nice to live in a place with so many interesting shops
  • SPF 15 lotion; next time you visit a hotel, inspect its shampoo and conditioner bottles. Some can be easily refilled and pressed into active purse duty
  • My little pink Canon PoswerShot A1100is point-and-shoot camera SHOULD be in this shot, but it was busy TAKING the shot. Why this camera? Because it was cheap. Why pink? Because my choices were pink or black.

It’s nearly impossible to cram those things into my blue purse, even without the full-size bottle of mousse. The main compartment is BARELY big enough to handle my wallet and makeup bag, which has resulted in lots of angry muttering in the check-out line.

During yesterday’s mall-wide job hunt, I saw this bag on sale at Forever 21:

As you can tell from the non-mall surroundings, I bought it.

I’d rather buy from an artist or small company, but I couldn’t find an artist or small company who sold non-leather bags I liked. Or leather ones, for that matter. Furthermore, I’m unemployed, which makes EVERY purchase feel risky.

Enough apologies! The new bag is big enough for all my stuff plus a good book, has a removable strap for bicycle commuting, AND came with all the silica gel packets I’ll ever need! BONUS!

What’s in your bag?

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  1. Wait wait wait — you can still get Lipslicks somewhere?! Katie’d be thrilled to know — I’m pretty sure Daring was her colour too (I know I have one of those kicking around)

    Also, yay for non-leather stuff! I’ve been looking for an artisan/small shop with neat non-leather bags that don’t cost the sky, and it’s really hard. I’ll let you know if I find anything nifty.


  2. Millie – Aye, Lipslicks be available at both Wal-Mart and CVS, presumably other places as well. I’m not sure we’re in the same country, but I’ve had no trouble finding Lipslicks stateside. Is a care package in order?

    Please do keep me posted on neat non-leather bags. Or anything else that strikes your fancy.


  3. melissa says:

    i carry lots of unneccessary things in my purse such as, powder,mascara,eyeliner, and blush, candy, wallet keys, comb and much more how do i get my self out of the habit of carring everything?


    Rebekah Reply:

    Melissa, maybe you could dump out your purse and figure out which things you actually use while you’re on the go. Maybe you do touch up your blush at work, but not your eyeliner, or maybe you could keep a few beauty basics at school and not have to carry them with you.

    I have a dream of finding a perfect compact that will hold a little of everything, so I won’t carry a jam-packed makeup bag any more. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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