Pennsylvania, Ahoy!

Hey, remember that time me and my boyfriend drove from Bloomington, Indiana to Allentown, Pennsylvania, thereby ending our cross-country move and beginning a new life together?

Wait, I never told you?

WELL! Ten days ago, Mr. Jaunty and I arrived in green, hilly Pennsylvania, thereby ending our cross-country move and beginning a new life together.

Since then, I have seen my first AAA baseball game, eaten plenty of great food, and learned my way to the mailbox.

Tomorrow, I’ll accomplish one of my Things To Do Before 30. Can you guess which?

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  1. Oooo oooo! I have guesses, but I suppose that would be cheating.:)


  2. How exciting for you and Mr. Jaunty! I keep writing “jaunty” as “januty” by mistake, which, I must confess, is starting to grow on me. It sounds like a rapper’s name: Ja-Nutty.

    If you’re open to sharing, I’m curious what catalyst lead you and Mr. J. to cross the Great Plains and end up in Peanut City?

    As for your 30 Before 30 list, my first guess is obviously that you’ll see the Grand Canyon, but that’s too obvious. Therefore, I think you’re going to play a team sport. Hopefully cricket.


  3. Yay! Congratulations, you’ve reached your destination. Are you meeting your correspondent? That’s my guess…


  4. I’m guessing Statue of Liberty, because it’s too early to see boston in the Fall.


  5. I really, really want it to be “see a baby sloth,” because they are unbelievably adorable, but I’m guessing it’s “get a driver’s license, already!” cause that’s the sort of thing you end up spending absurd amounts of time orchestrating after you’ve moved out of your original jurisdiction. If so, take a book for the lineup!


  6. Allentown, PA is in for a real treat, having the Jauntys in town!My guess is……………drivers license!


  7. Mr. Jaunty – Definitely cheating, yes.

    Katie – Mr. Jaunty finished his Masters degree in Spring 2009, then nobly waited for me to finish my undergrad in Fall 2010 before riding off into the sunset. Our families live mostly in the Midwest, so neither of us planned to stay in the southwest forever. Also, Mr. Jaunty is a classical singer and needs to live closer to major cities for auditions. We’re currently crashing with his dad while we look for work.

    Angela – Thanks, Angela!

    mum – That WOULD be a tad premature, hmm?

    Millie – Ah, “see a baby sloth” is probably the coolest item on my to-do list.

    Barb – Aww, bless your heart!

    Y’all stay tuned while I document yesterday’s adventure…


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