NM and MO Photo Catch-Up

Is there anything duller than someone else’s vacation photos? No, unless it’s someone else’s high school yearbook. Still, you can’t expect me to trek 2000 miles without posting a single picture, can you?

Click to enlarge [somewhat]!

Much of the New Mexico scenery looked like this, give or take a few wind turbines:

I probably wore that expression (not to mention that skirt) for a thousand miles. Notice the gorgeous desert sky. Recognize my water bottle?

The middle seat of the truck was occupied by Grendel and Helen, my pet rats. They were extremely good sports about the whole 2000-miles-in-a-pet-carrier ordeal:

This is the underside of the famed Gateway Arch in St. Louis:

This is the underside of the famed Mr. Jaunty under the underside of the famed Gateway Arch:

Me and the Old Courthouse. Not seen is the Arch, hanging over my head like a bad debt:

Such a tourist.

Truth be known, I wasn’t interested in visiting the Gateway Arch. I’d seen St. Louis before. Besides, I was tired and cranky.  Good thing Mr. Jaunty convinced me to go, though, or I’d have missed the underground Museum of Westward Expansion — and I love history. Also museums. And the 1800s-style mercantile, which we completely failed to photograph.

Something I do not love: animatronic historical figures. I discovered my dislike of animatronics as a child watching the Disney Sing-Along for “Yo Ho”, but dislike didn’t blossom into full blown heebie-jeebies until I met four or five talking robots at this museum. I can’t tell you how disturbing they are face to face. Ten bucks says hell is full of jerky, shifty-eyed animatronic figures who recount your sins, henceforth and forever.


You tell ’em, Tecumseh.

Prepare yourself, folks: tomorrow*, I’ll post our pictures from Bloomington, Indiana. Don’t worry, it’ll build your character.

*Did I say “tomorrow”? I meant, “This week, ideally.”

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  1. I think the Arch is my favorite man-made monument – so simple and pretty.

    True story: in one of my grad school classes we had an assignment where we had to critique and analyze the layout of a museum. Having plum forgotten about it until the day before it was due, I did a frantic search online, found a floor plan and description of the Museum of Westward Expansion, and wrote a paper on it. Got an ‘A,’ too.

    And have you discovered Mrs. Stephen Fry’s twitter yet? It’s heaven in 140 characters or less. http://twitter.com/MRSSTEPHENFRY


  2. Smiley Woman says:

    Oh wow!!! Your hair is super looooong!!!! Glad you enjoy your trip. Cute rat pets! Besos =)


  3. Katie – Good story! ‘Triumph over deadlines’ tales always warm my heart.

    Mr. Jaunty introduced me to Mrs. Stephen Fry. She’s a doll!

    Smiley Woman – Is your hair long too, or have you been trimming it? Rats are nice. =)


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