First Trip to NYC

On Saturday, I paid my first visit to New York City. Here are a few highlights —- and as my grandma always said, “Click to enlarge”:

Breakfast at the Edison Cafe on 47th street. A bit shabby, but the food was good.

A tasteful nude from the Lego store. All the sights in NYC, and I chose to document naked Legos:

St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue. I liked the architectural juxtaposition, spires against skyscrapers.

I… didn’t take pictures of Central Park. Sorry. Just imagine me, Mr. Jaunty, and his sister walking though a massive park, talking about life and zoos. Got it? Good.

Do you remember Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, in which every step the mermaid took with her human legs felt like walking on swords? That’s how I felt by noon in New York. My teal Target flats weren’t quite comfortable enough for all-day walking—- but I couldn’t bring myself to wear Fivefingers to a Broadway show.

Yep, we met up with friends for A Little Night Music, the first show I’ve seen on Broadway.


Mr. and I were up in the highest balcony; at intermission, everyone else in the house left side of the balcony scattered to find better seats, so we had the place to ourselves for the whole second act. This allowed me to take off my shoes and sit cross-legged. Ahhh!

After the show, we hung around outside the theater to see if Bernadette Peters or Elaine Stritch would come sign autographs. They didn’t, but guess who we saw just across the street, leaving La Cage Aux Folles:

Kelsey Grammer! Exciting, considering Mr. Jaunty and I watched all 11 seasons of Frasier this year.

After the show, our troop had dinner at Angelica’s, a vegan restaurant on east 12th street. Nice atmosphere, great service, but (aside from the wasabi that set my nasal passages on fire), the food was surprisingly bland. There’s no excuse for bland vegan food. Mr. Jaunty shoulda taught them a thing or two. Seriously.

My indulgent hosts escorted me to the Staten Island Ferry so I could feast my eyes on…


Not really, I’d been there all day. It was so I could feast my eyes on….

THE STATUE OF LIBERTY! Isn’t she a beaut?

So, Stitchywitchy correctly guessed which Thing To Do Before 30 we’d planned for the weekend. Done!

The ferry trip felt wonderful; after years in the desert and hours on the pavement, it felt good to board a craft, feel wind in my hair.

Mr. Jaunty wanted to visit Ground Zero, which is still under construction:

A large mural at Ground Zero:

Long, fabulous day.

We caught the last bus home and reached the apartment by 1:47 AM, where we brushed our teeth and limped to bed, aching but satisfied.


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  1. Re: crossing your legs at the theatre. Most relaxing and satisfying moment, when you realize you can get away with this!

    Especially on a half empty flight – if I can get a window seat and sit “pretzel” in bare’s such a relief.


  2. Ah, so jealous that you got to see Elaine Stritch AND Bernadette Peters! What a wonderfully fun day!


  3. Stitchywitchy says:

    Awwww………..I’m so happy for you/jealous as can be! sounds like a perfect, perfect day!


  4. Evelyn – Aaahhhhhhh! Agreed.

    Katie – I’m jealous of myself!

    Stitchywitchy – Having more comfortable shoes would have improved matters, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to wear the Fivefingers on my first trip to the big city. Still, it’s not an adventure if you don’t get blisters. Ask any hobbit.


  5. I would’ve gone for the better seats.


    Rebekah Reply:

    In hindsight, we shoulda.


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