Hard Times

April 30th, 11:56 AM: Downsized from standing summer job. No one thought to notify me, I had to call and ask if I’d been axed.

May 6th, 2:54 PM: Received bill for $2,544, more than double my net worth. Looks like this semester’s on me after all.

May 6th, 4:15 PM: Noticed that the $2,544 is DUE on May 19th. The Financial Aid office sent bills to the wrong address all semester, so this is the first one I’ve received.

May 6th, 4:16 PM: Panic sets in. OHHHHHH, THE PAIN! THE PAIN!

May 7th, 1: 37 PM: E-mail from work-study boss informs me that our department’s budget has been cut; only two computer labs will remain open this summer. Does it take 50 employees to run two labs? No. Jaunty Dame is up ye olde creek, sans paddle.

May 7th, 6:10 PM: I’ve decided what to wear for graduation:

Times are hard.

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3 comments to Hard Times

  • Don’t sink; believe in prosperity; call the school and work out a plan; celebrate your successes; Congratulations – Onward and Upward! And don’t look back!


  • If there is anyone I know who can figure this situation out, it’s you Rebekah. I agree, focus on the accomplishment of finishing. Congratulations!!


  • James!

    Not to down-play your panic, but that is a damn fine hat you have drawn there!


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