Man About Town

Dear Powers That Be,

I’ve been student teaching music classes for almost two months. Teaching is hard. Anyone who says otherwise should be chastised,  fined, and drop-kicked into a stagnant pond.

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of a cushier life. A life with fewer glockenspiels. A life filled with travel, dry wit, freshly pressed clothes, and fine food. Less “warm demander”, more man about town.

May I please be reincarnated as Bertie Wooster?

And could this happen soon? Before another week of 4th graders with squeaky plastic recorders?

Thank you,

Rebekah, an exhausted rag bag formerly described as “Jaunty”

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  1. Stitchywitchy says:

    I personally would rather be Jeeves.
    he gets to go to all the cool places
    plus he gets to be the smart one.


  2. Sounds ideal!


  3. Maybe warm demander about town? Think of your classroom as a trendy nightclub or bar. That is the ticket….nooooooot….

    I often say, “those who can’t teach, do.”


  4. hah, and of course that’s Hugh Laurie who’s now playing a stifled and handicapped doctor on House. Or would you really rather be Stephen Fry as Jeeves who was the brainy lynchpin of the duo? hey, either way, can’t go wrong!
    p.s. we all seek higher education so we can be invited to the better parties.


  5. Stitchywitchy>/b> – Ahh, but I already AM a smart wage slave. I practically AM Jeeves, with a top hat instead of a bowler.

    celia – You can join me.

    Dylan – =) “Warm demander about town” made me grin like a madman.

    jean – Isn’t it amazing how much his persona has changed? Not just the House character, but the way he looks, behaves in interviews… he certainly grew up nicely. Maybe I should be Jeeves AND Wooster; charming, clever, and filthy rich.

    I wouldn’t mind having a butler.


  6. I definitely want to be Jeeves. He’s smarter, cleverer, handsomer, and it seems like he has a booming social life of his own. Plus, having always worked with and for other people, I find him a lot easier to relate to. I remember we had a National Geographic when we were little that described what it was like to go to a top butler training school, and I wanted to go so bad! They teach you how to keep your cool when you go to serve the breakfast tray to your boss and his latest paramour happens to be sitting up topless in bed. (act like it happens every day and don’t let your eyes stray below her face.)


    Rebekah Reply:

    All valid points, but I’m siding with wealth this time.

    That sounds like an exceptionally fun issue of National Geographic. The most NG article I ever read was about perfume— it had scent samples of what Cleopatra and Napoleon wore; Napoleon smelled FABULOUS.


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