So What If I Like Pretty Things?




Baby Ian


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13 comments to So What If I Like Pretty Things?

  • Sierra

    awwwww, those baby birds are ADORABLE! It’s good to like pretty things, makes life a happier experience :) Love the waves too


  • kelly

    also…is that baby ian?


  • Smiley Woman

    Mmmm… not much if you like beautiful things… I think you missed a picture of love, friendship and freedom =P hehehe


  • Redd

    I really like all of these!
    The third one cracks me up although I’m not sure why.


  • mum

    Awww……what a priceless baby! wouldn’t we like to have a whole batch like that? Awwwww!!!!!!!!


  • mum

    Seriousy–if guys want to pick up chicks they should wear one of those clip on corporate ID badge thingys with their baby picture in it. Way more enticing to the female subconscious than after-shave.


    Ming Reply:

    Haha! Brilliant! And a picture of their dog a s a puppy, too!


  • Kelly – I’m so glad you introduced me to “Sita”, it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.

    Smiley Woman – Baby Ian can be my love and friendship photo. Freedom, though. Hmmm… that’s harder.

    Redd – I think it’s the bug-eyes on the blue guy. You might like this cartoon, I think it’s fabulous:

    mum – The baby picture thing only works if the guy was a cute baby. If he was an ugly Martian child, he’ll never get to reproduce.


  • Dylan G


    I have to say I thought this was gonna be a long Rufus Wainwright reference


    Rebekah Reply:

    Nope, just a semi-subtle one.


  • Winter

    THAT is one super duper cute baby! James tells me it’s Ian…awwwwwwwwww!


  • Winter – Yep, that’s him!


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