Chamber music has some foxy friends

Last weekend, Mr. Jaunty and myself helped with the Friends of Chamber Music Christmas concert at the Basilica of San Albino.

Mr. Jaunty, with his musical sensitivity and melodious voice, was asked to perform two Fauré pieces.

Yours Truly was hand-selected to… usher. Yes world, I was BORN to hand out programs.

With our powers combined, we looked something like this:

As I was dressing for the concert, I realized my secondhand, never-worn plaid shirt only buttoned up to the sternum. We were running too late for me to change clothes, so I grabbed a safety pin from my desk drawer and hoped for the best. I’m unfamiliar with Catholic modesty standards, but I suspect that if fellow churchgoers can see one’s bustier, one will shortly be struck down for sacrilege.

Mr. Jaunty sang beautifully, I ushered like an usherin’ fool, and hardly anyone in the audience was smitten with famine or pestilence. A good time was had by all.

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  1. Ulrich: “…Well then a fox you shall be until I find your name! My… foxy lady!”


  2. There’s really a Saint Albino? Wow, my Catholic education is horribly incomplete. I’ll need to Wikipedia that guy…

    Great picture of you and Mr. Jaunty by the way. Coordinating outfits and everything. Super snazzy!


  3. Yes-great picture of the J’s.
    I must particularly compliment you on your exquisite collarbones. No doubt they made your ushering more pleasurable for the ushered ones.


  4. Adderall Apocalypse – Good call!

    Jacob – It’s pronounced “All-BEAN-oh”, so I never made the albino connection until I wrote this post. I was incredulous.

    Thanks! We clean up nicely.

    mum – My mother’s collarbones. She also gave me my high arches, megawatt smile, blue eyes, and weakness for tapioca pudding.


  5. Hehe!


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