Briefly Brunette

I come from a family of blue-eyed redheads, so naturally I adore dark hair and eyes. So sultry! So unlike my flesh and blood! Moving from Indiana to the southwest was heavenly— not only did I meet swarthy, irresistible strangers, but people here are IMPRESSED with my blue eyes. Trust me, no one cared in Indiana. If you wanna be exotic, ya gotta leave home.

Anyway! Last week, I had an itchy razor finger and desperately wanted to re-shave my head. To keep myself from doing anything rash, I bought a box of Clairol Perfect 10 dark brown hair dye.

Clairol’s swatch looks like this:


Considerably darker than I had in mind. My end result looked like this:


Not bad, eh? Well, the blurry cell phone photo lies. In real life, the dye job was patchy and my eyebrows had a distinctly Groucho Marx flair. Trust me. I couldn’t bring myself to take more photos. I LOVE raven hair, but it ain’t happenin’ on this head. It felt like wearing a bad toupee, and no amount of makeup helped.

I kept the almost-black color for two days, hoping it would either grow on me fade to something less harsh. No luck.

Now for the good news:

1) A bottle of “Color Oops” color remover completely restored my hair to its former glory. After consulting my stylist sister, I risked blindness by using it on my brows. Desperate times, people, you should have SEEN those eyebrows.

2) Sierra, this one’s for you: I still have the nice conditioner that comes with hair dye. A compensation prize of sorts.

3) “Go brunette” was on my list of Things To Do Before 30! Hello, SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT!

See? There’s always a bright side.
I STILL want darker hair, so I may get cocky and experiment with medium brown dyes in the future. Further bulletins as events warrant.


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  1. Are you old enough to remember when I dyed my shoulder length hair black to be the Egyptian Princess in the Warsaw Primary Bible Bash?

    When I took Kirstyn home afterward Brother York opened the door and his mouth dropped open and I’m sure tears sprang to his eyes. He said,”But..But our Leslie has blonde hair!”

    It was supposed to wash out in 6-8 shampoos, but it didn’t really. I ended up cutting it short and starting over.
    Glad you had some OOPS!


    Ming Reply:

    I had forgotten about that!


  2. Since I have your exact coloring, I can imagine how *cough* remarkable you must have looked with black hair. I feel Brother York’s pain.


  3. well now at least you’ve tried it and you won’t have to go through life wishing you had and never got the nerve! coolies on the conditioner – isn’t it awesome stuff? didn’t know there was something that would take the dye out again like that. must remember that for future reference…


  4. Sierra – Stylist Sister Ming warns me that Color Oops isn’t always so awesome; it can turn your hair orange-y blondish, it’s NOT guaranteed to restore your original color. But it’s certainly better than nothin’.

    Also, the Color Oops box says “only takes 20 minutes!” or something on the front. What they MEANT to say is “Leave on your head for 20 minutes, and then rinse for an additional 20 minutes.” I used it right before hurrying to an important class, creating quite the time crunch. No WAY I was facing my peers while looking that Groucho.


  5. How did you dye your eyebrows, exactly?


    Rebekah Reply:

    1) Consulted big sister regarding potential blindness
    2) Smeared lotion all around eyebrows to prevent skin-staining
    3) Applied dye
    4) Waited around a few minutes
    5) Washed off dye


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